Are you ready for the new spin on racing Speed Addicts has in store? You better have your foot on the gas when registration goes live, cause this event will be sure to sell out fast with the 125 maximum car count!

What you need:


Runway King $1,000 WINNER

No restrictions here in this class, reserved for the 200mph+ unlimited guys who come to put the power down. Hit the fastest speed for the weekend and win a big fake cardboard check along with $1,000 CA$H to take home!

High Roller Class $750 Winner

Only one rule in this class is high class, reserved for the exotic car group. If you are an exotic car owner and ready to throw down a fast pass this class is for you. Make the fastest pass of the weekend and take a $750 CA$H home.

All-Natural Class $250 Winner

There’s no artificial, forced induction, or silicone enhancements here, if you want to run in this class it’s Naturally Aspirated only. Bring home the fastest all-Natural Pass for the weekend and you take the $250 CA$H enhancement home

AWD Class $250 Winner

If you have four wheels that pull and outside of the exotic class then this is your class. Fastest pass for the weekend takes home the $250 CA$H.

FWD Class $250 Winner

If your car is a front wheel drive beast then you have found your class. Race to the fastest weekend speed and the fast and furious $250 CA$H is all yours.

RWD Class $250 Winner

As long as your back tire spins you’re in, $250 CA$H to the weekends fastest back tire powered car.

Baby Got Back Class $250 Winner

Simple; if your Baby Gotta Back “Door” you’re in. Take your four-door flying down the strip for the fastest weekend pass and load up your $250 CA$H.

Supercharged Class $250 Winner

All supercharged cars welcome, any manufacture, any size. This is sure to be a stacked class with everyone racing for the weekends fastest pass to grab the $250 CA$H!

Nitrous Class $250 Winner

Got GAS..??’re in. Whether you’re a Big Shot or Small Shot you can spray your load all the way down the track here and race for the $250 CA$H money shot for the fastest pass of the weekend.

Turbocharged Class $250 Winner

If Turbskies is your game then you only need one to come catch a lane in this class. Are you ready to let out some steam and race for the $250 CA$H payout to the weekends fastest pass? Then you have found your class.

4XL Class $250 Winner

If your car weighs in at 4000lbs (curb weight) or more you’re in, $250 CA$H to the weekend heavyweight champ.

Weekend Bonus Payout$
Quickest 1/8 Mile Weekend Pass $150
Fastest ¼ Mile Weekend Pass $150


Speed Addicts Racing Events are a “Safety First & Always” event. At no point during any event will short cuts, cut corners, or exceptions will be considered or made; Driver, Crew, Staff, Sponsors, and Participants safety is always the main focus, goal, and mandatory requirement for each and every person onsite. The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to provide a guideline for a safe, orderly, organized, efficient, and highly respectable successful event. Any and all mandatory rules and regulations will be enforced to the letter and/or spirit at all times.

Follow all rules.

No Firearms on property.

No alcohol or drugs.

NO utility vehicles IE golf carts/side by sides/dirt bikes etc

No touching cars (without permission).

All driver, spectators, sponsors, vendors, and any persons on property must sign waiver form before entering.

All minors to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

No spectators or non-approved personnel in restricted areas.

No glass bottles allowed on property.

Tents & chairs are allowed and are nice to have, however you are responsible for safely securing your tent at all times to prevent from wind blowing over.

Speed Addicts Racing Events (referred to as SARE) always recommends that all drivers respect safety at its best and provide all personal protective equipment above and beyond the minimum requirements set forth in the specified driver minimum requirements listed below. SARE recommends that any driver participating should have at a minimum a racing helmet with full shield meeting Snell SA2010, SA2015 or SFI 31.1A, 31.2A, or 31.1/2010 or 2015 specs, a full fire suit in form of two piece jacket & pants or one piece coveralls carrying SFI safety ratings of not less than 3.2A/5.TPP19, full hand / forearm driver gloves carrying SFI safety rating, a full newly charged fire extinguisher located inside the car securely mounted not less than 12lbs, a full car fire suppression system with local cable pull activation, a full car roll cage not less than 8pt for hardtops and 12pt for convertibles, full 5pt seat harness with SFI 16.1 3” belts, aftermarket braking system, additional parachute with manual cable pull, and any other safety requirements that may be considered to be a form of protection additional to those mentioned above. Driver accepts it is his/her responsibility to ensure their own safety and manage their safety according to the caliber of car they compete with at this event; the caliber of car and minimum safety requirements are both the drivers responsibility to know prior to ever racing.

Drivers must be at least 18yrs of age to participate.

Helmet with full face shield meeting Snell SA2010 or SA2015 rating.

Safety belt with a minimum lap & shoulder belt.

Shirt & full-length pants, no tank tops and/or shorts.

Closed toe shoes, no flip flops or sandals.

On site Drivers Safety Meeting Attendance.

Tech Inspection check list completed prior to race day, not to exceed 30 days prior. >> Download Here <<

Tech Inspection can be completed on site the day of the event for an additional $50.

4pt Roll Cage for any convertible vehicle racing with the top down.

Additional Driver Safety Requirements Exceeding 200mph:
Full driver fire suit carrying minimum SFI ratings.

4pt Roll Cage with 5pt Safety Harness Belt

Aftermarket Braking System and/or parachute

Fire extinguisher securely mounted in vehicle

Drivers participating in any Speed Addicts Racing events are expected at all times to conduct themselves in a professional & respectful manner. Events are designed for the true racing enthusiast but suitable for the whole family and suitable for attendance by all. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated.

Drivers are required to sign a waiver form daily before participating.

Drivers are prohibited from having a passenger during the run down the strip (track).

Drivers are required to a “Vehicle Inspection Form” completed by a reputable shop prior to race day. A driver tech inspection can be completed day of race on site for an additional $50.

Drivers required to where the approved helmet and seat belts (or safety harness) while on air strip (track), wait until you are on the taxi way or return road to remove helmet and safety belts.

Drivers may drive as fast as they can on air strip (track) but will not exceed the off track speed limit of 15mph. Spectators always have the right away!

Driver must always have tech sticker, driver number, and event sticker clearly positioned in center of windshield at all times.

Drugs and/or alcohol are prohibited by all racers, any racer that is suspected of being under the influence will be removed from the property immediately.

No propane torches are permitted in staging lanes or left unsecure in pits; heating nitrous bottles with propane torches is strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.

Drivers must stay with their vehicle while in the staging lanes to prevent unnecessary delay’s in racing.

Parking in the event restricted areas including but not limited to the pits with a vehicle other than a registered participating car is prohibited, unless a pit parking pass is obtained and displayed on windshield.

Drivers wishing to bring their own fuel may due so; but are responsible for proper storage, use, handling, and disposing of all empty containers off site at their own expense.

Vehicles that have a mechanical failure or lose power during a run should come to a safe stop and pull to the side of the track to keep from leaking fluids on track. A tow truck will be provided to move the vehicle back to the pit area or your trailer.

If the rare case that a driver is involved in a crash, rollover, or incident causing impact of any kind; driver will remain in his car until paramedics safely remove the driver from vehicle. However, if the vehicle is unsafe to remain in until the paramedics safely remove the driver such as a fuel leak, dangerous fumes, or fire the driver is to safely exit the vehicle and remain at a safe distance outside the surface of the strip (track) until the emergency crews arrive.

Any driver involved in a crash, rollover, or incident must report to the onsite paramedic for immediate evaluation, regardless of the extent of injury or level of incident.

VERY IMPORTANT, please remember we are all our brothers keeper and want a safe, fun, and successful event… please if you don’t know ask, if it doesn’t look safe say something, ultimately you are responsible for your own safety.

Let’s go race!!